RPG Mapper

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ユーティリティ エンターテインメント
開発者 Turnabout Studios
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RPG Mapper is a fun tool for designing or plotting dungeons for use in Role Playing Games. You can use it to make notes about an existing game, or to design your own dungeon crawls! Build maps and use them at your next gaming session.

Older RPGs use this grid system; e.g. Pool of Radiance or any of the SSI Gold Box games. RPG Mapper mimics these games and provides a 5x5 grid of 16x16 cell maps. Build walls, doors and secret doors. Add notes right on the map. Save and load multiple maps.

If youre a DM or just an old school RPG enthusiast, this is the app for you.

Note: this app is not a game nor a standalone RPG.